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Studying abroad and specifically studying in Canada can offer numerous benefits that can definitely enrich every student educational, personal, and professional growth. At Study2020 Consulting INC, the biggest immigration consulting firm in Canada, we help our clients to chose the best immigration program before taking their initial steps towards Canadian visa.

As the biggest immigration consulting organization in western Canada, we are pleased to offer our quality services to international students, businessmen and women as well as innovative groups of individuals who intend to transfer their start-ups and innovative minds to Canada.

In this post we are going to only introduce the benefits of studying abroad and why every international student considers Canada among his/her choices when it comes to travel and study abroad.

Some of the benefits that studying abroad can offer are cultural exposure, personal growth, Canadian academic excellence, language skills improvements, networking, and opportunities to remain and become Canadian citizen.

One of the most valuable benefits gained through studying in Canada can be the opportunity to remain in one of the Canada’s vibrant cities as a worker and as a permanent resident and citizen at the end


Canada, as one pf the most welcoming countries in the world has the highest number of immigration :programs and permanent residencies streams such as

Express entry –

Provincial nomine programs –

, Skilled worker –

, Skill trades –

Start-up program –

, International mobility program –

, Super visa –

Post graduate work permit (PGWP) –

TRV more than 6 months, TRV less than six months –

Spousal Open work permit –

Spousal Sponsorship –

Closed or Open work permit –

Entrepreneurship program and so on –

Our teams of professional immigration consultants have every skill you might require to help you find the most closest program to your current situation and needs. Among all services we offer at Study2020 Consulting, we offer full immigration consulting services from helping student to find their educational pathways and applying for their visas by helping them to complete and gather their documents based on the latest updates to apply for their study permit.

Enterpreneurs from all around the worls can count on our Academic teams of experts who have obtained the latest licenses and permits in order to assist entrepreneurs to move to Canada and build their future in here.


?Why should you trust Study2020 Consulting

Our professional consultants at Study2020 Consulting have been serving our clients for 18 years. Professional regulated consultants who have the most updated licenses according to the Immigration, Refugees and .Citizenship Canada.

All our consultants are regulated by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) which is established by the Canadian government to ensure that immigration consultant provide the most professional and ethical services to whom plan to immigrate to Canada. International students? Businessmen or women? Everyone planning to step into the country and require a visa.

There are several reasons why you should choose Study2020 Consulting teams of excellent immigration consultants and educational counsellors.

  1. Expertise and knowledge of the counsellors and consultants.
  2. Study2020 Consulting and Visa2020 ethical standards.
  3. Full application preparation and submission with zero stress.
  4. Representation with ease of mind.
  5. Successful outcomes

Study2020 Consulting INC.

With over 18 years of excellency and more than 11000 successful visa applications, with no doubt, we are the biggest immigration consultancy in west Canada.

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